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Meet the team

Get to know the Digital SLR Photography editorial team a little better

Daniel Lezano, editor
Dan is passionate about photography and an award-winning editor, with over a decade writing for and editing photo
He’s also written several books on photography, including The Photography Bible and 100
Ways To Take Better Portraits.
Contact Daniel on or phone 01733 567401.

Dan Lezano








Luke Marsh, art editor
Luke’s the creative genius behind the magazine’s design and is an acknowledged Photoshop expert as well as a keen photograph
Luke Marsh

Caroline Wilkinson, deputy editor
Caroline is an experienced magazine journalist with a long-standing passion for photography, especially travel, portraits and lifestyle.
Contact Caroline on or phone 01733 567401.
Caroline Wilkinson

Jordan Butters, senior features writer
Jordan is the latest recruit on the editorial team and is an experienced motorsport photographer with a strong knowledge of post processing techniques. 
Contact Jordan on or phone 01733 567401.
Jordan Butters







Jo Lezano, editorial co-ordinator
Jo works behind the scenes ensuring editorial office runs smoothly. She’ll also be your first contact should you get in touch with the ed team.
Contact Jo on or phone 01733 567401.
Jo Lezano









To contact the Digital SLR Photography team:

Kerry McGowan Phone: 0207 907 6651 or email: 

Steve Taylor Phone 0207 907 6651 or email:





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