Canon DSLR camera icons explained

Tue 15 April

A handy visual primer that gives definitions to all the cryptic icons on Canon DSLRs and their software interface

Canon DSLR mode dial icons and acronymns

ADEP Automatic Depth-of-field mode
M Manual exposure mode
AV Aperture priority mode (Aperture Value)
TV Shutter priority/Action shot mode (Time Value)
P Program AE mode - shutterspeed (exposure) and aperture set automatically
Full Automatic mode
Portait mode
Landscape mode
Close-up mode
Sports mode
Night portrait mode
Flash off


Canon DSLR - Camera Setting Display


  White Balance icons
Automatic White Balance
Tungsten light
White fluorescent light


  Image size and compression quality
Large image/fine compression quality
Large image/normal compression quality
Medium image/fine compression quality
Medium image/normal compression quality
Small image/fine compression quality
Small image/normal compression quality
RAW with Large image/fine compression quality
RAW image


  Metering mode
Evaluative metering
Partial metering
Center-weighted metering