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Hama launches Quick Shoot Strap SC

Press release

Hama has launched the Quick Shoot Strap SC, an accessory for SLRs that allows you to quickly detach your camera for shooting

Those who want to have their single lens reflex camera ready to go at all times generally wear it on a strap around their necks. Since this results in great strain for the neck muscles over time, many swear by wearing the strap diagonally across their upper body. This is the basis on which the "Quick Shoot Strap" from Hama was developed. At photokina, the accessories specialists will be presenting the somewhat smaller model, the "Quick Shoot Strap SC", which has been designed for more compact system cameras. Just like its older brother, the new version offers a number of impressive and practical features.

The strap with numerous possibilities
The camera can be moved from the carrying position to the ready position in a snap, without even moving the strap. The slider can be locked with one quick movement so that the camera stays fixed in any position and unwanted sliding is prevented. The 3-point safety lock allows you to release the camera from the strap quickly and securely. The wearer releases the camera by pressing the three buttons simultaneously. This prevents the camera from being released accidentally and protects against theft.

The patented "Aircell Technology" makes the "Quick Shoot Strap SC" especially comfortable. Fourteen air cushions are integrated into the neoprene shoulder pad in order to absorb shocks and ensure that even the longest photo shoots are enjoyable. 



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