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Portrait Professional 11

Retouch photos in the blink of an eye

Portrait Professional 11 takes the ouch out of retouching.

This powerful photo-editing software now offers complete automation, making industry-quality airbrushing a breeze.

The latest release of this groundbreaking software offers automatic face and feature detection making retouching process even faster and pain–free. Portrait Professional 11 will automatically give the subject a professional makeover worthy of the finest make-up artist. Not only can Portrait Professional 11 remove blemishes and reduce lines and wrinkles, it can also subtly re-contour the face and slim the appearance. It's still them - it's just them in their best light.

Portrait Professional 11 will also not only improve the hair, but it will also give your subject a new hair colour. Want to add a hint of red? Or highlights? You can even break out the bleach, if you want! Add that bit of extra colour to really bring your photos to life.

Instantly take off the weight 'that the camera puts on'. There are some things that even a flattering camera angle and a well-chosen pose can't hide. If you want to slim your subject a little, Portrait Professional 11 can take off a few pounds and really bring out the person they would like to be - and often think they already are! Research has shown that - to be blunt - people buy more photos if they like the way they look in them. Portrait Professional 11 allows you to meet their expectations.

Make your subjects effortless elegant. Portrait Professional 11 has an improved 3rd generation touch-up brush to painlessly remove spots, stray hairs and other blemishes that don't show your subject at their best. It has new sliders for bags under the eye reduction, crow's feet removal, cheek enhancement (adding blusher, for instance) and lip moistening.

The plug-in version, Portrait Professional Studio integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop Elements to provide all the Portrait Professional 11’s features without having to close your program of choice. What's more, Portrait Professional Studio 64, the premier edition of the software, is optimised for 64-bit computers and is capable of handling even the largest file sizes. Both these Studio editions of Portrait Professional 11 can handle RAW files.

All in all, Portrait Professional 11 provides a top-quality professional airbrushing tool for the professional photographer and the enthusiastic amateur alike, allowing freelancers access to the methods that have been used in the fashion and media industries for years.

This most popular portrait enhancement tool on the market, is still the only software trained in human beauty. The software has analysed many thousands of photos to learn what makes people look attractive - or unattractive - and can use this information to improve any aspect of the face.

Portrait Professional regular price - $62.95 
Special launch price - $49.95

Portrait Professional Studio regular price - $95.95 
Special launch price - $74.95          

Portrait Professional Studio 64 regular price - $183.95
Special launch price - $149.95         

Download the free trial from and see the magic for yourself.


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