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Rogue Launches Small Soft Box Kit & Colour Correction Filter Kit

Rogue has launched a brand new Small Soft Box Kit, containing two of its most popular lighting accessories:

•    FlashBender Positionable Reflector
•    Small Diffusion Panel

The FlashBender element of this kit can be used on its own, as a positionable reflector. Measuring 7 x 10 inches it can easily be attached to any standard speedlight flash and can be used open or shaped in a number of flexible positions including a snoot for more directional reflection and use of flash.
Photographers can also attach the Small Diffusion Panel to the Reflector using a simple and fast Velcro system to create a perfect mini softbox – ideal for creating wonderful soft light – to reduce red eye and shadows.
This durable softbox kit folds completely flat and weighs just 5 ounces!  Perfect to slip into your camera bag for use on location or for ultimate flexibility in the studio.

Also new, the Rogue Flash Gels - Colour Correction Filter Kit – with a tabbed filter design to enable attachment to all standard speedlight flash units.
Included in the set are 18 selected colour correction filters, a Rogue Gel-Band attachment and a storage pouch with quick reference dividers for easy organisation of the filters.
Colour correction gels are used to improve overall color balance in an image by adjusting the colour temperature of the flash to better match other ambient light sources. 

To balance flash to the dominant ambient light source in the scene, photographers should use the following filters:

•    Use CTB gels to colour balance flash to shade or blue sky ambient light
•    Use CTO gels to colour balance flash to tungsten or halogen ambient light
*     Use Plus Green gels to colour balance flash to fluorescent ambient light

CTB gels (Colour Temperature Blue) gel converts tungsten light of 3200K to 'daylight' color.
CTO (Colour Temperature Orange) performs the reverse effect.
Gels that remove the green cast of fluorescent lights are called minus green.
Gels that add a green cast are called plus green.

Each gel is clearly labelled so photographers can see which is which – in a flash! 

Once the ambient light source is identified, and the appropriate color correction gel is selected, simply attach the gel to the flash.  Photographers should then set the camera to the same white balance setting as shown on the color correction gel in use, or set a custom white balance.

Flash pictures taken using an appropriate color correction gel and corresponding camera white balance setting will show improved color consistency and colour balance.
The kit also comes with a handy leaflet guide to get you started on using the gels for colour correction and creative lighting effects.

Pricing and Availability
Rogue Soft Box Kits & Gels are available now through all good photographic retailers – instore and online.  
Soft Box Kit - guide retail price  £45
Filter Kit - guide retail price  £30

For more detailed technical specifications please visit www.expoimaging .com


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